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Artwork Templates

    Dress your media for a grand performance!

    Eye-catching templates and sharp graphic production by our Art Department makes sure your program leaves Transfer West Duplication looking professional and striking — allowing you to reap the benefits of making an impression even before playback begins.

    We make the process easy by providing you with multiple format choices, fast turnaround, and templates for every conceivable medium and placement area.

    You will find CD / DVD and cases printing specs and templates in pdf and eps format. Our art department is ready, waiting and darn eager to make your artwork look spectacular.

    Printing specifics:

    Supported Applications:

    • Adobe InDesign CS 2 or earlier
    • Adobe Illustrator CS 2 or earlier
    • Quark Express 6.5 or earlier
    • Adobe Photoshop CS 2 or earlier
    • Please contact the art department regarding support for Microsoft Word documents or PowerPoint slides

    Preferred Files:

    • .INDD
    • .AI
    • .EPS
    • .QSD/.QXD
    • .PSD
    • .TIF
    • .PDF

    Page layout files: Files that combine text and images to make up an image. 
    Acceptable File Formats:

    • Adobe Photoshop CS 2 or earlier
    • .PSD
    • .TIFF
    • .EPS
    • Adobe Illustrator CS 2 or earlier
    • Illustrator format
    • EPS
    • Quark Xpress 6.5 or lower
    • Quark Express format only

    Acceptable Colors:

    • Artwork should be submitted in CMYK or Pantone color except art for thermal transfer optical disc labels which should be RGB.
    • Some color variation should be anticipated on material printed in- house. If your project requires precise color matching, please 
      contact us to determine how we can best serve your needs.

    Platform Issues:

    • While we prefer the Mac OSX platform, we also support Windows XP. We are glad to accept your artwork, regardless of platform.
    • To avoid problems with fonts, all type should be converted to outlines or paths.
    • If the program you are using does not allow you to do this, please include all printer and screen fonts.
    • OpenType and most TrueType fonts can be used under either OSX or Windows XP; PostScript (or Type 1) fonts only work on one platform or the other. We are prepared to work with your art, regardless of platform.

    Providing Your Files:

    Please call Transfer West Duplication if you require any other media types.

    Located 1 minute from the Strip.Phone: 702.895.9900 Fax: 702.895.9909 5850 South Polaris Ave. Suite 1200 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118